BHR are great believers in the power of innovative design for educational facilities. The environment in which children and students learn can have a profound impact on the quality of education and learning outcomes.

Nursery, school, university, or adult education facilities, we now know the spaces in which we learn can help shape the future of the students they house.

The combination of aesthetics and design plays a pivotal role in helping our teachers to nurture creativity, foster collaboration, and improve cognitive development.

Building Better

It’s only in recent years that the effect an environment exerts on the people within it has been acknowledged. It’s easy to design and construct a building that serves what we see as the truly practical aspects of its function. The idea of that design having a positive and productive effect on the minds of the users can seem a little far-fetched.

But it’s not, and where might that effect be more important than in our schools?

By working with great architects who know that they are designing a legacy, we are able to help you build the best spaces for your educational project.

Regulations and Legislation

As with any building, regulations must be followed to the letter. These are as much about access to the building, security and function they are about the structural integrity of the build.

Whilst dangerous incidents are very rare in the UK, it is still desirable to have the means to control access and raise security levels should something occur. New schools should have this built into their design.

Access to the building, and to all areas of the interior are also important factors. We must ensure that all students and staff can get into and move around the building where they have mobility issues.

BHR are totally familiar with the regulations that govern the design and build of an educational facility. We work with you to understand your goals, and fully grasp what you want to achieve, and keep it within compliance rules,

Materials and Specifications

The importance of selecting the correct materials has been highlighted throughout mid 2023 by the scandal of the use of RAAC concrete. Cutting corners will only come back to haunt you. A school, college or university is a building designed to remain in place, one would imagine, for several lifetimes. So the materials used by BHR in any project are selected for longevity, structural integrity, and above all, safe construction for the foreseeable future.

Environmental Considerations:

Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect of educational building construction. Many institutions are now committed to green building practices and energy-efficient designs.

BHR’s expertise in implementing eco-friendly solutions, including renewable energy sources, efficient insulation, and smart building technologies, aligns perfectly with these requirements. Energy-efficiency is another major factor as utility prices continue to cost a good deal more. Good design and construction not only saves on operating costs, it sets an example for students and the community.

Experience Meets Commitment to Clients

BHR Commercial Construction is run by people with enormous experience of building projects across several sectors. We bring huge knowledge to every project.

It’s critical for us to develop a deep understanding of what you want to achieve, especially in the educational space. We look to bring everything we’ve learned on board, and combine it with your objectives. That way we can work together to create extraordinary outcomes.

Your Project, Your Vision, Your Partner

If you’re looking for a construction partner with the expertise and open-mindedness to help you complete your project, you’ve found us.

We demonstrate it:

  • With open communication and collaboration
  • By delivering the client’s vision
  • With timely project completion
  • By sticking firmly to budgets

By choosing BHR Commercial Construction as your trusted partner, you’re not just constructing a building; you’re creating an educational space that encourages creativity and learning.

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