Building Your Brand’s Future

Your retail unit will serve as the face of your brand. It’s right there on the high street or retail park, so it needs to be visually appealing, and beautifully functional for shoppers and staff. 

We love working on retail construction units. It’s a dynamic and intricate process that involves adherence to a range of regulations. Selection of appropriate materials and an exacting attention to specifications are what make these projects successful.

Providing the country with the food and drink, or other products it needs is a serious endeavour. And it’s an arena where hygiene rules supreme.

Retail Construction for Lidl. BHR Commercial Construction

Regulations and Legislation

Unsurprisingly, the regulations applied to such a unit are rigidly enforced. That means it’s critical for you to work with a construction company that has a thorough knowledge of the applicable laws. 

Our history of successful retail developments has been built on the care and attention with which we apply the relevant legislation to each project. We ensure that we stay abreast of any changes in the law, and understand our responsibility to help our clients to stay totally compliant.

Materials and Specifications

Retail units need to to built with materials that create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment. And it goes without saying that structural integrity is crucial. The safety of your customers and staff is paramount.

From the façade to the interior finishes, every element warrants careful consideration. BHR pride ourselves on our commitment to using quality materials, and our experience in translating our clients’ vision into a cohesive design has won us much repeat business. So we know we’re doing something right!

Brand Image and Customer Experience

As we said above, your building plays a significant role in shaping your brand’s image, and in the experience your customers enjoy when they visit your store. Layout, lighting and overall design can all influence customer behaviour, and that will ultimately impact your bottom line.

Retail establishments are more than just physical spaces; they are extensions of your brand’s identity. We are very aware that the work we do has a lasting effect on your success and smooth operation. That’s why we work closely with our clients to ensure the construction meets all your needs, reflects well on your company, and creates a memorable and welcoming experience.

Retail construction with BHR Commercial Construction

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

How can you keep your customers and staff warm in winter, cool in the summer, and not watch it drain your profits. Utility costs are huge at this time and never has the use of appropriate insulating materials in a build mattered more.

By carefully designing your store, then ensuring the best quality supplies are used, the construction of the unit can have a profound impact on the running costs. Smart technology solutions can be built in to make this possible, and help to align your project with the growing demand for green solutions.

The Client is at the Heart of the Project

BHR have a deep-seated and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. It’s really that simple. 

We demonstrate it:

  • With open communication and collaboration
  • By delivering the client’s vision 
  • With timely project completion
  • By sticking firmly to budgets

By choosing BHR Commercial Construction as your trusted partner, you’re not just constructing a building; you’re creating a retail commercial space that drives business success and growth.

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