Healthcare Construction Takes Care

The saying “without our health we have nothing” is quite simply true. The health and well being, or otherwise, of the UK population is often in the headlines.

When you or a loved one are suffering from an illness, or have an accident, it’s the healthcare sector you turn to. And whether it’s a hospital, GP surgery, or dentist, you want the place you go to to be easy to access, and simple to navigate.

Pleasant surroundings may be the last thing on the mind of someone needing healthcare, but the subtle, calming affect of a well-designed, attractive environment will help to reduce the stress such a visit brings.

Even non-urgent appointments can raise blood pressure in nervous patients. So using the power of design to help reduce any worries is a highly desirable trait.

Regulations and Legislation

Healthcare providers can have unique requirements, particularly around access and hygiene. The regulations around constructing a healthcare facility are designed to ensure the finished building is safe and suitable for purpose.

At BHR we stay ahead of the regulations, and ensure we remain updated on any changes in the legislation around healthcare facilities. We work with our clients to complete safe, well-constructed and compliant facilities that help to make the patients’ visits are stress-free and pleasant as possible.

Materials and Specifications

Particular attention needs to be paid to the selection of materials in a healthcare facility build. Interior surfaces should make use of  materials that are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to pathogens. Moreover, medical equipment and utility systems must be seamlessly integrated.

BHR are committed to using the highest-quality materials in meeting healthcare-specific specifications. Our expertise ensures that the result is not just a robust, sound build, but is also functional and sanitary.

Infection Control and Patient Safety

All buildings should be designed to nurture the health and well-being of their users. When it comes to the construction of healthcare facilities, the bar is set much higher.

The presence in the building of those with health vulnerabilities dictates that we take utmost care in how we complete the work. Infection control and patient safety may not sound like the business of a construction company, but our contribution at the start of the building’s life should never be played down.

In these buildings, minimising the risk of healthcare-associated infections is critical. This involves careful planning of layout, ventilation systems, and, as above, surface materials to reduce the potential for disease transmission. At BHR we understand the importance of creating healthcare spaces that reduce infection risks as close to zero as possible.

That understanding , along with our years of experience and client commitment makes us an ideal choice for healthcare building projects – if we do say so ourselves!

Their Health in Our Hands

If you’re looking for a construction partner with the expertise and understanding to help you complete your healthcare facility project, you’ve found us.

How do we demonstrate it:

  • With open communication and collaboration
  • By delivering the client’s vision
  • With timely project completion
  • By sticking firmly to budgets

By choosing BHR Commercial Construction as your trusted partner, you’re not just constructing a building; you’re creating a healthcare facility designed to help deliver best care to those are at their most vulnerable.

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