Creating Assets – Not Just Buildings

In the world of commerce, your building should be more than just bricks and mortar; it should be a strategic asset.

At BHR Commercial Construction we understand the unique demands of the commercial sector. We have a stack of relevant experience, and collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is achieved.

We’ve seen muddy building sites transformed, watching as the structure evolves into a brilliantly functional and pleasing space. 

Whether it’s office complexes, industrial facilities, or mixed-use developments you are looking for, we have all the experience you need to get the best result. Plus we are fully aware that time is money, and we deliver projects promptly without compromising on quality.

Modern, adaptable office spaces ensures employees are productive and comfortable.
Better still, working with visionary architects can lead to a workplace that inspires and motivates.  

What It Takes to Build Your Property

The construction of commercial buildings is a multifaceted endeavour. That’s why we have a comprehensive understanding of regulations, material selection, and specifications. 

Great design

From offices to industrial facilities, commercial buildings require careful planning and execution to meet the unique needs of the eventual users. By diving into the intended use of the building, we can ensure we include elements that will enhance the productivity and creativity of those that will work there. 

Regulations and Legislation

So much regulation and legislation comes with a building project. Local building codes, zoning requirements, safety standards, and accessibility regulations. We are on top of them all. Following these regulations is more than a legal necessity, they serve a critical purpose too. The safety and accessibility of buildings is massively enhanced where they are taken on board. 

It’s a complex regulatory landscape, and BHR are experts at ensuring that all legal requirements are met. You can be confident your project is secure, safe, and totally compliant. Which in turn delivers peace of mind for you.

Materials and Specifications

Commercial spaces need materials that provide structural integrity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Every aspect must be carefully considered, from the choice of construction materials to HVAC systems and energy-efficient solutions. We’re committed to using high-quality materials and meeting precise specifications, so the final product is not only robust but also visually and functionally outstanding.

Functionality and Adaptability

If your building is going to serve as the operational center for your businesses, you’ll want the design to facilitate productivity and efficiency. 

Crafting commercial spaces that are visually appealing and adaptable to the evolving needs of businesses they house is where we excel. We work closely with clients to ensure we fully understand the purpose of the building. Then we deliver a finished project that meets all the criteria – and more.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In these extraordinary times of high utility costs, there has never been a greater demand for eco-conscious commercial spaces. Sustainability and energy efficiency are not just nice words to bandy about. They are critical factors in a build. 

With environmental footprint and operating costs now front-of-mind factors, BHR have ensured we excel at implementing sustainable construction practices, including energy-efficient systems, eco-friendly building materials, and intelligent building technologies. This reduces long-term operational expenses and puts a big tick in the ever more important ‘green’ box.

Our Client-Focused Approach

BHR have a deep-seated and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. It’s really that simple. 

We demonstrate it:

  • With open communication and collaboration
  • By delivering the client’s vision 
  • With timely project completion
  • By sticking firmly to budgets

By choosing BHR Commercial Construction as your trusted partner, you’re not just constructing a building; you’re creating a commercial space that drives business success and growth.

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